47 Villa Street, London, SE17 2EL

Telephone: 0207 703 7393
Out of hours: 111

We are open to talk to!

Please do call us if you need clinical or mental health advice - even if it isn't urgent.

We know that people are still needing medical advice for non-urgent, non-covid, routine issues. Please do call us on 020 7703 7393.

We will arrange for a clinician to call you back and talk through your issue on the telephone or via a video call. If we think you need to see a doctor or nurse we will arrange an appointment for you at one of our local hubs. Our team can also connect you with the many local social support options available or arrange for our new 'Social Prescribing Link Worker' to contact you and take a bit more time working out what type of help would be best for you.

We would much prefer you to contact us than let your concerns escalate. 

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