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How to request a repeat prescription

During lockdown we accepted prescription requests over the telephone, however now that lockdown has eased, we can not continue to do this unless the request is for a housebound patient.


There are lots of different ways you can request prescriptions so pick one that suits you...

* Email us on souccg.villastreetadmins@nhs.net stating exactly what repeat meds you are requesting - include the name and dose of the medication. 
* Order via online access - ask a receptionist how to register if you haven't done so already
* Order via NHS app - easy to download and no need to register via the practice
* Use EConsult available on the front page of our website
* Ask your pharmacist to order for you
* Post or drop a written request to us using our post box (you do not need to come in to the building)

Remember we need 48 hours ( 2 working days) to process a prescription request. This is because we get dozens of requests per day and they can be complicated, so the clinicians need headspace to get the detail right.