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Covid-19 Vaccine

We are linking up with all the practices in North Southwark to deliver the Covid-19 vaccine from a central hub site.

It will be given to patients from one site in Southwark due to the complexities involved with storing and preparing the vaccine. 

NHS England have prioritised the most vulnerable patients to have the vaccine first and we will be calling those patients in the next couple of days. 

When we call, we will explain about the vaccine and how you need two doses, three weeks apart for it to start working. Plus other information you will need to know about where to go and what to expect when you get to the central hub. 

Vaccine numbers are limited so we must only offer to the most vulnerable as directed. More vaccines will be arriving in the coming weeks and months so please continue to be patient with us until we are able to invite you to have your vaccine. 

We really appreciate how supportive you are as patients. It makes a huge difference to us at Villa Street and all those that work in the NHS.