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The earlier you call us in the day, the more opportunity we have to help!

We have noticed that patients are calling us later and later in the day with the expectation of speaking to a Doctor on the same day. Unfortunately, the doctors appointment lists are filled up much earlier and we can't just squeeze extra appointments in.

It's worth knowing that when a doctor finishes talking to a patient they have lots of work still to do. Here are just a few things they need to fit in when not in appointments:

- completing detailed referral paperwork to send to hospitals;

- reviewing test results that have come back to the practice and contacting patients if anything is abnormal;

- reviewing discharge notices from hospitals and updating patient notes;

- following up with patients who may have more complex issues that need more time;

- liaising with various organisations about patient care;

- completing insurance forms and medical reports requested by patients;

- checking and processing prescription requests - we process 100's of these every week and they all need checking;

- attending meetings, often at lunch-times or in the evening when we have closed.

So please help us by calling as early in the day as possible (we open at 8am Monday - Friday) and by being aware that routine issues can have a time booked in the next few days. 

Your support is very much appreciated!