Updated late arrival policy

Please note that we have updated our late arrival policy...

Range of lateness Management of late arrival 
Under 10 minutes  The clinician will try to fit you in as close to your scheduled time as possible. 
Between 10-15 minutes The clinician will either ask you to wait until they can see you, this may be at the end of the session, or they will ask you to re-book your appointment. 
More than 15 minutes You will be asked to re-book your appointment. 


We do understand that arriving late can sometimes happen so our policy aims to be fair to all of our patients. As far as possible, we try to ensure our appointments run to time so that we don't inconvenience other patients, unfortunately when a patient arrives late it can cause all the appointments afterwards to run late for other patients. In addition, clinicians also need time to process referrals, prescriptions, test results and therefore running late means they have to stay late to finish their work.