Access to Medical Records and Patient Confidentiality

Access to your Medical Records

You are entitled to access data that the practice holds on you.

You can make a request for a copy of your personal data at reception. You can make this request verbally and do not need to give written consent, however you would need to provide photo identification (ID) proof of who you are e.g. passport or driving licence. We will provide a copy within 28 days of your request. There is no fee for this.

Please note that we do not have to provide multiple copies of personal data or to respond to repeated requests for the same personal data.

You can also view your summary personal data if you have patient online access.

You can also view your full personal data at the practice. Please ask at reception to arrange an appointment to do this.

Non NHS Forms, Reports and Letters

If a doctor writes a medical report for an outside agency such as an insurance company or solicitors, you are entitled to view the report before it is sent. Please note there is a time limit of 21 days for you to view any reports so please ask at reception for details.

You will need to provide your explicit consent for us to share your confidential data with any other organisation. This consent must be in written form.

When a doctor writes a letter about you, you are entitled to a copy; please discuss with the doctor or ask at reception for details.

Please note that we charge a fee for all non nhs contracted work such as writing medical reports. Please ask at reception for details of the range of fees. We accept cash or cheques only and all fees must be paid in advance of the work being completed.